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2024 Debutante Class – It's the Renaissance...Celebrating 50 years of elegance, sophistication, legacy and class

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2021 Debutante Class – The IN Crowd... INtelligent | INspirational | INcomparable

The Pauline Redmond Coggs Foundation’s signature Debutante Cotillion is held annually in the heart of Milwaukee. The Foundation acknowledges education as a means of improving the quality of life for African American women and, therefore, selects young ladies of 12th grade status as debutante prospects. Debutantes are engaged in community impact projects through volunteerism and also partake in leadership presentations, team-building exercises, collaborative workshops and fundraising. The eight-month relationship provides a well-rounded experience of service, culture, sisterhood, leadership and fund management.


The charitable (501c3), non-profit organization, has a rich history rooted in service with a focus on issues impacting women and girls. “We are proud to have impacted a myriad of young Milwaukee women over the years. We’ve set them on a path of grace, poise and independence. One that promises self-confidence, social consciousness and solid footing to follow her dreams,” said Debra Brown Wallace, president of the Pauline Redmond Coggs Foundation.


On Saturday, November 27, 2021, the 47th Pauline Redmond Coggs Debutante Cotillion was held virtually, and 8 young women were presented to society.


Each spring, Debutantes receive a monetary award based on their fundraising efforts and successful completion of the program. To date, more than 1000 young women have participated. In 2021, the Pauline Redmond Coggs Foundation awarded 8 scholarships bringing the annual total to more than $40,000.

2021 Debutante Class

Debutante Ashley Anyanwu                      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Debutante Arielle Callahan                       Nicolet High School

Debutante Lauren Day                              Nicolet High School


Debutante Zariah Luckett-Patterson         Rufus King International High School

Debutante Blair Martin                             Mequon Homestead High School

Debutante NiMia Moore                            Rufus King International High School


Debutante Shaterra Renee Richerson       Divine Savior Holy Angels High School 

Debutante Amari Vinson                          Nicolet High School

Debutante Service Project



The Debutante Service Project requires documentation, action and demonstration.  It is an independent learning experience that should be both positive and challenging, as well as representative of a debutante's best work.  It must be approved by the Cotillion Service Committee and should be discussed with family and/or advisor(s).  No project should be started without committee approval. 



Each debutante is required to complete a Service Project Proposal Form that outlines goals and provides descriptive details of the project.  It requires an explanation of why the project was chosen and a prediction of how it will benefit the community. Proposal due dates for the next debutante class will be provided in early 2022.



Each debutante is required to complete a Service Project Contract which is to be signed by the debutante, their parent/guardian and their advisor.  Contract due dates for the next debutante class will be provided in early 2022.


Activity Log Sheets

During the completion of the service project, debutantes are required to document a minimum of 30-hours dedicated to working on the project (at least 20-hours must reflect the action portion of the project). No amount of time dedicated to the project is too small.  Remember, all project activities should be documented. Examples of activity log entries include but are not limited to the following (phone calls, research, meaningful project dialogue, agency visits, etc.).



The completion of the Debutante Service Project is a requirement.  Each debutante agrees to complete the project in accordance with the requirements specified above.  Service project deadlines for the next debutante class will be provided in early 2022.


Things to consider when choosing a Service Project

  • Can I meet mandatory schedules and deadlines, as well as fulfill academic responsibilities and extra-curricular obligations?


  • What issues do I feel strongly about?


  • What service could I provide that may benefit others?


  • What product or activity could I create to meet the needs of my community?


  • Will my project challenge me?


  • Will I be able to find resources for my project choice?


  • Will I have problems with transportation?


Suggested projects include but are not limited to:


  • Volunteering at a service agency


  • Organizing an environmental improvement project/community improvement


  • Coaching a sports team for younger children


  • Leading a church youth group and creating a unique activity for the group


  • Developing and/or teaching a course (senior technology class, youth cooking class, etc.)


  • Organizing a major public event




Each debutante is responsible for preparing an oral presentation of her project and presenting it to a panel of community members. Oral presentations should be accompanied by a PowerPoint or a self-produced video. The presentation will be held by appointment during the month of August 2022.


PowerPoint Presentation

This is an audio-visual slide show (approximately 3-5 minutes in length) that consists of a minimum of 10 slides and containing information that summarizes the service experience. It must be presented in an original and interesting manner. The presentation must include a title indicating its subject matter and slides that display information pertaining to the topic and project implementation.  At the time of the presentation, debutantes will be expected to discuss the slides and answer any questions from panelists.




Self-Produced Video

A 3-7 minute original and interesting video can be chosen that includes the following elements: a title indicating its subject matter, an opening sequence, information based on the materials you researched, graphics with voiceover or music and/or excerpts from an outside tape, a closing sequence and credits.  At the time of the presentation, debutantes will be expected to show and discuss the video and answer any questions from panelists.



The panel of community members will complete a formal assessment for each presentation and the average will make-up the final presentation score. A rubric for the presentation will be provided to debutantes.  

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