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Pauline Redmond Coggs Foundation

P.O. Box 18577
Milwaukee, WI 53218


President – Debra Brown Wallace

Vice President –  Tanzanique Carrington

2nd Vice President – Christlyn Frederick-Stanley

Secretary – Marcella Williams

Treasurer – Chassidy Lewis

Financial Secretary – Tameka Jones-Clay

Assistant Financial Secretary – Paris Farrington

Parliamentarian – Deborah Lewis

Chaplain Dr. Valeria D. Hairston


Members at Large


Yolanda Wilson

Dara Atandare

Jenelle Elder-Green

Florence Dukes

Michelle Crockett

Beverly Conner

Brenda Roshell

Sandra Hubbard




Jenice Burrell

AF Jacquelyn Coleman

Bianca Willingham

Connie Madsen

Jocelyn Whorton


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